An Excerpt From A Hopeless Mind

(Hi guys, I know I’ve been AWOL since a long time. Was having sort of a writer’s block. But now that I’m back, I come bearing gifts – just not in the form of another poetry. This time it’s more of a..I don’t know what to call it. Maybe a note, or an excerpt or even a rant?! Nevertheless, I hope you’re able to relate to it and it makes you feel a little less lonely out there! Thank You for reading 😀)


Our eyes start become duller,

Hearts heavier,

And thoughts, they become darker.

Slowly, we find ourselves fading away.

We just stop wanting to be a part of anything.

The conversations we earlier had a lot to add on to, don’t excite us anymore.

The people we earlier had cravings to meet with, don’t motivate us anymore.

The hobbies we earlier had fun doing, don’t inspire us anymore.

We become mere listless creatures,

Doing what needs to be done,

Saying what needs to be said.

A calmness washes over us,

Or maybe, maybe its numbness.

And we’re exhausted from pretending that the only thing running in our mind isn’t that,

The good days gone are long forgotten, and the good days to come seem improbable.


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