Screams Of The Soul

(The following poem was my entry in Wingword Poetry Prize Contest.The results are not out yet so I don’t know if it is good enough to win..But fingers crossed !)


They don’t say anything but I can see it in their eyes,

What I am now just doesn’t suffice.

They wonder if they raised me right,

They wonder why I’m not bold and bright.


From their expectations, I constantly run,

And distance myself from everyone.

I sit in a corner and wallow in self-pity,

And dream about moving to another city.


I think and think and I write and write,

Of a world where knowing me is a delight.

I wonder why my present self is not good enough,

Doesn’t fighting this constant battle in my mind show that I’m also tough?


Yes, I’m not very extrovert, independent or faster at calculating an amount,

But does doing okay at school and being a good writer not count?

I can also laugh with ease and have a heart of gold,

But I guess those are the things I need to sacrifice to fit into society’s mold.


13 thoughts on “Screams Of The Soul

      1. Thats a relief..😉 But anyway, as soon as I read the prize winning poems, I realized it was no wonder that mine didn’t make it! Let’s hope to get our poems recognized in the next season now! 🙂🙂


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