There are some things you need to know about me :

  1. Desserts (all kinds, really) are my first love!
  2. I have a healthy (fine! Bordering on unhealthy) obsession with beaches.
  3. I tend to read, love, screenshot and collect quotes quite often (maybe too often!)
  4. I am a somewhat decent writer (you need to be the judge of that!).
  5. I am one of those few people who hasn’t ever watched Game of Thrones (GoT fans, please don’t boycott my blog).

You know how we read some quotes/excerpts that just mirror our thoughts and we feel a little less alone in this hopelessly daunting world? It gives us a reassurance that we are not going batshit crazy and that there are people feeling the same things that we are. (Refer to Point No.3)

Well, one day as I was scribbling down yet another poem, I thought, “What if even my words have power to do that? To be there for that someone struggling to freeze that plastic smile on their face?” (Refer to Point No.4)

And thus, I decided to start this blog. Hope you enjoy and visit again. And again. And again..

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